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Tuesday, July 29 2014

Mike Wilson is Houston's premier auto locksmith. Recently this Houston car locksmith was called out to repair an ignition lock on a Honda Accord. Someone had attempted to break out the ignition and start the car. This is a very ineffective way to steal a modern car. Almost all vehicles on the road today are equipped with transponders imbedded in the key. This transponder transmits a predetermined code to the cars computer which authorizes it to start. Simply breaking the ignition does just that. It breaks it!

 As you can see the would be thief created quit a mess. This is certainly not a DYI job or a job for an inexperienced locksmith. Their is a myriad of very tiny parts in this assembly. This Houston automotive locksmith needed to disassemble the new ignition and recode it to match the original VIN code number. If you ever have to replace your car ignition for any reason, do not omit this step!! Trust this experienced Houston car key locksmith! 

This series of photos demostrates some of the steps required to code the new ignition to the original car key. This is a very delicate operation and requires that an automotive locksmith have a great deal of training and skill. The auto locksmiths at Master Locksmith Company have spent countless hours reading technical bulletins, books, and sitting in class in order to bring to the Houston locksmith customer the knoweldge needed to perform these auto locksmith tasks. You can trust the Houston locksmiths at Master Locksmith Company!

The plastic covers were all destroyed and this young man decided to replace them at a later date. He was very lucky that the black ring in the last photo was not destroyed! That is the transponder induction coil. Very exspensive! His still worked even though the mounting tabs were broken. Over all it was a very successful operation. His original key still worked. The cost was minimized as much as possible given the circustances. This Houston automotive locksmith was pleased with the outcome! If you are ever in need of a Houston car locksmith, or a Bellaire car key locksmith, don't hesitate to call Master Locksmith Company at 713 878 2189. We will do our best to give you the best locksmith service!


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Monday, July 28 2014

Most times home owners choose locks based on looks alone. In todays crime and hate ridden culture this is just not going to cut it. Take a look at this pretty handle.   Looks pretty good from this angle. Let's take another look. You can clearly see how the lock bolt is bent. This was caused by the door closing while the bolt was extended. This amount of damage was caused by very little force. Image if someone were to hit this door. That bolt will give very easily!  It is a fact that many of the nice looking handles on the market are not built to be tough! It is the residents responsibility to add an addition deadbolt that will provide resistance to forced entry. Master Locksmith Company recommends heavy duty and high security deadbolts. Feel free to call Houston locksmith Mike Wilson to discuss making your castle safe.

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Friday, July 25 2014

Is it always a pleasure to educate the public regarding locks and locksmiths. Check out our article in Texas Homes for Sale!

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