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Thursday, July 20 2023

The Daily Bread of the working locksmith. Houston Locksmith, Master Locksmith Company, was out early pounding the streets. Started early this morning rekeying some commercial lock cylinders in the industrial part of town. Its an adventure, really, as this commercial locksmith goes into parts of town that few people actually see, but this is where the action is. This is where the fabric of our society is held together. This is where hard working men buy, sell, build, fabricate, assemble, and deliver, the things that keep our society functioning.

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Thursday, July 20 2023
Daily Bread
Give us this day
Our daily bread,
So as not to ask it
Of the Fed.
Work and toil
Turn the wrench
And till the soil,
Tis the lot and prize
Of the Working Man
to bear the fruit
of the land.
Nothing for free
Does he ask,
Only that you pay him well
For bustin his ass.
Do not begrudge him
His due
He is there to help
And to serve you.
Doing his best
to give his best
To you.
So go ahead
Pay him his due
With happy heart
Lest your soul
You smart.
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Thursday, July 20 2023
Good morning friends and greater Houston! The sleeping giant has awoken! Master Locksmith Company has been quietly working in the background in the service of Houston Locksmith clients and in the service of helping other Houston Locksmith companies; now Master Locksmith Company is fully devoted to the service of Master Locksmith Company, and you, the Houston Locksmith client. Mike Wilson is as strong and smart as ever, and this is his promise and his legacy; to bring the highest intelligence and skill to his clients. Mike has not been dormant these past few years. He has been actively honing his skills and pursuing excellence in many endeavors of life; keeping faithful to the promise of living life well and upholding the promise of his craft. When you need a Houston area locksmith, don't settle for an Ai generated, copy and pasted, soulless persona of a locksmith. No, call Mike with Master Locksmith Company, and get the real deal. I look forward to meeting you, and meeting all of your locksmith needs. Carpe Diem!
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Wednesday, July 19 2023

Hello again! I hope all is well in the lives of our dear readers and customers! Our website has been asleep for awhile but Master Locksmith Company is alive and well! It's good to be back on the platform and sharing our locksmith and other adventures! The world is in flux and major changes are taking place in culture, environment, and economies, yet some things remain constant. As always, people need security! Safety for oneself, ones family, and ones home and business are still of the utmost importance. Locks and security systems still need to be provided, installed, and serviced. Now, and always, quality of product and skill of service and installation cannot be compromised! Here at Master Locksmith Company we will always strive to provide the best locksmith service to the people of Houston and surrounding areas. We never compromise. Home owners and business owner trust Master Locksmith Company for integrity and skill. For example, last weekend this safe was working just fine, but when the manager at In Town Suites tried to open it on Monday, it would not open! Calling on years of education and experience, Master Locksmith Company, working smarter, not harder, was able to open the safe without drilling it and replace the locks and keypad to ensure confident and lasting operation of the safe!

Here she is. So calm and unoptrusive, until she's not! Lol. No worries. Trust Master Locksmith Company to bring peace of mind to any locksmith emergency!

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