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Saturday, March 23 2024

Yes! We do offer commercial and residential lockout services! This happens quite frequently actually and for a varied number of reasons. Sometimes people lose keys or the keys get locked inside. Or, the lock may malfunction and cause a lockout. In any case, we are quite experienced in the art and craft of lock picking and bypass! If you have an emergency lockout give us a call and we will be happy to come to the rescue! Master Locksmith Company

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Monday, March 11 2024

I love to touch on this subject because I see bad lock repairs all the time and it is important for you to know the difference between a good repair and a bad one,  and to know whom to trust. You can trust Master Locksmith Company to know the difference also. This photo is from a job where the customer had a special designer lockset on their home that had been repaired once before. The screw holding the drive assembly onto the lever had come loose or broke and someone had used a thin piece of metal with a drywall screw to hold it together. This had also failed. I determined that it was safe to fix this lock. The threads had been stripped by the drywall screw and the screw had come out but the body of material where the screw went was deep and there was a great deal of clean material left. So, I used a 10/32 tap and tapped it all the way down and used a 10/32 machine screw and locktite to secure the drive assembly to the lever. This created a better than new attachment that will not come loose. This is a good repair. Sorry I didn't take more photos of this one but it turned out really nice. We were able to facilitate a same day, permanent repair instead of having to special order an entire new handle and lockset which would have taken weeks to get and cost many hundreds of dollars. Again, it is not always a good idea or even possible to repair a broken lock, but when it is appropriate to do so, you need a locksmith who knows when and how to do this type of work. Whether you have a broken residential or commercial lock, call Master Locksmith Company to get it repaired or replaced the right way. You can trust Master Locksmith Company!


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Friday, March 08 2024

Often a commerial locksmith, like Master Locksmith Company, will get a call to come out and repair a broken lock or exit device. It happens. Lets face it, commercial doors and locking devices take a whole lot of abuse and they do break! Even the best brands like this Von Duprin emergency exit device and exterior trim that is on this heavy steel door at a vet tech training school. The students take the dogs out this back door every day to go outside and they hit this door at a dead run! They come back inside with no less enthusiasm! Here we show the outside trim lever. It had stopped retracting the latch and the students were propping the door open so they could come back in. Here is where the experience and integrity of a commercial locksmith comes into focus. There are some cases where a repair is possible and quite alright, and there are other cases where it is not okay. Often the lock must be taken apart in order to ascertain the cause of the malfunction and the feasibility of repair. In this case Master Locksmith Mike Wilson took the lever apart and found at the heart of the problem a broken pin. This pin engages a cam inside the case and this cam pushes against the retraction mechanism. It was quite proper to remove the broken pin and replace it thereby putting the device back into service and not having to replace it. As can be seen in the photos, there is a lot going on inside the lever case. Please dont take these apart yourself.  Experience in cases like this is priceless!  This particular part of the entire system can cost upwards of $1200 in some cases. On this particular job, we did have to replace the inside device as will be seen in another post, but the lever was able to be repaired thereby producing a savings of over a thousand dollars. So, when you have commercial locks and exit devices that you need to be serviced, repaired, or installed, trust Master Locksmith Company to get the job done correctly and honestly! Call now and schedule an appointment!

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Wednesday, March 06 2024

Every job is successfully completed long before its even begun! Yes, it's true! Successful job completion begins with training and the right tools and equipment. Locks, lock systems, and emergency exit devices are designed to provide a long life of securing your property but if they are not installed or serviced properly, they will not provide the security that they were designed to provide nor will they operate for as long as they should. There are a miriad details that the casual observer will never notice that act to determine the funcionality and lifespan of a lock. The photos here show one such detail and the tool used to address it.

In some situations a deadbolt lock will need to be installed on a commercial steel door that has not been factory prepped for such. In many cases some technicians will simply drill the mounting holes and install the lock bolt on the door edge surface using sheet metal or wood screws. This leaves the face of the lock bolt sticking out where it often comes into contact with the door frame everytime the door opens and closes.  These constant blows quickly loosen the screws and the bolt becomes loose causing it to make even more egregious contact with the door frame, eventually leading to premature failure of the lock. The solution is to use the correct commercial locksmith tools and techniques to ensure that the door is prepped properly. In this example we are using what is called a squeeze play to form a mortice pocket for the deadbolt latch bolt. This creates a smooth, recessed mount wherein the face of the bolt is protected from hitting the door jam. We also use maching screws and tap the mounting holes so that the screws hold tight like they are suppossed to. This creates a clean professional look and also enures that the lock performs as it should for a maximum number of years. You can alway trust Master Locksmith Company to use best practices and the right tools for the job at hand. Whether you need a deadblolt installed, locks rekeyed at your home or business, commercial locks or emergency exit devices installed, you can trust Master Locksmith Company to do the job right. Protect your home and business by calling Master Locksmith Company today. 

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