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Wednesday, January 27 2016


Here is a sample of a commercial locksmith job in Houston 77016. The customer needed to have this door on an oil tool machine shop secured in a manner that was safe, strong, and meets life safety codes. Master Locksmith chose a good quality exit device, paired it with outside trim and cylinders correct for the application. For some reason managers of warehouses and restarants are always complaining about their exit devices not working or falling off the door. This exit device will always work and it will never fall off! It has been installed the right way!


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Wednesday, January 27 2016

...and what it looks like. Sigh, we see it all the time. Some people insist on calling the cheapest Locksmith in 77030 that they can find.  Well this is what a cheap Houston locksmith looks like...

These are photos of two different locks on the same building in Houston 77030 locksmith territory. The locks are poorly installed, of poor quality, and are double cylinder. That means that they have a key on the inside and the outside. On a commercial building this is a very  bad violation of the life safety codes. A professional Houston locksmith would be ashamed to use these and to  perform such ugly work. Quality locks need to be installed correctly by a professional locksmith so that they look nice and work properly! It is also the job of a highly trained locksmith in 77030 to study and understand building and life safety codes! People's lives depend on it! So please, as you shop for a Houston locksmith remember, this is what cheap looks like. Don't be that person who ends up with this on their building "protecting" millions of dollars worth of equipment and inventory! It is money wasted and money put at risk. Want your Houston locksmith needs done right? Call Mike with Master Locksmith Company at 713 878 2189. Mike attends continuing education classes every year. More than what the law requires, actually. Trust Master Locksmith Company. 

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Tuesday, January 26 2016

Do the best Houston Locksmiths use graphite to lubricate locks?? NO!!! We never use graphite in locks. Here's why. The graphite builds up and actually acts to block or hinder the operation of a lock and can be quite abrasive as well. The  best locksmiths in Houston use Tri Flo or Houdini Lock Lube. Look at these photo's of a Mul T Lock high security lock which was filled up with graphite and ceased to operate.(Even the best locks will fail with this stuff in them) This Houston Locksmith actually disassembled the lock cylinder completely  and cleaned it thoroughly. We certainly do not want it to fail again due to poor service. 


This type of contamination will quickly render even a high quality lock inoperable so always use a teflon or silicon based lube. Never use graphite in a lock. If you ever need a professional Houston Locksmith feel free to call Master Locksmith Company at 713 878 2189


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Monday, January 25 2016

As is the case in many situations, small things make a big difference in the locksmith business. Small things that a customer would have no way of  being aware of and, sadly, many locksmiths are not either. Take this service call in which Mike Wilson, with Master Locksmith Company, was tasked with repairing a front door exit device for a local school. The key  would no longer rotate enough to unlatch the door. It has occured  where a locksmith will simply sell the unsuspecting customer a whole new device either because he is unscurpulous or  he just doesn't know what to do nor does he have the parts to do it. With a nearly 30 year career to draw experience from and  integrity  beyond question, Mike was able to repair this very expensive exit device and save the customer  a great deal of money. Having the correct parts makes all the difference in the world.

One can barely see the small gear in these photos. This is the part that is broken and rendering this entry/exit device inoperable.


   This photo shows the broken gear in the middle along with two gears which look similiar but are not. They are made for two different brands of device. One will work here and one will not. A Houston area locksmith, having the right parts, can make a professional repair and not have to replace the whole unit and it will work as it was intended. I have seen some repairs where the technician simply rotated the gear and reinstalled it!! This is not a professional repair!! Repaired in that manner the device will marginally open but will not completely unlock as it is intended to do. So when your commercial exit devices fail or are not working properly, don't settle for poor repairs. Call Master Locksmith Company and get things done right!! We have a vast spectrum of experience and carry a range of parts needed to complete these types of locksmith jobs professionally.  Master Locksmith Company serves all of the Houston area. Call 713 878 2189

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