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Wednesday, April 22 2020

Master Locksmith now serves Leaue City. Our office is at 1100 Nasau Parkway, ste 201D Houston Texas 77058

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We offer 24 hour outside sales and locksmith service. Office sales and consultation is by appointment only. Call 7138782189 for Master Locksmith Company

locksmith 77058

Master Lock Company if you need a "locksmith near me" or "locksmith 77058" call 7138782189

"locksmith near 77058"

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Saturday, March 14 2020

Master Locksmith Company has not posted in a bit, but we've been very busy serving the Houston area locksmith service needs. Thanks to our many satisfied customers,  we are excited to announce the opening of our new office at 1100 Nasa Prky, Ste 201D, Houston Tx, 77058!

We now are ready to provide professional commercial and residential locksmith service to the cities of Pearland locksmith, Friendswood locksmith, League City locksmith, Webster locksmith, Nassau Bay locksmith, Kemah locksmith, Sea Brook locksmith, Dickenson locksmith, and Galveston locksmith service! Master Locksmith is able to provide commercial and residential heavy duty locks, high security locks, safe service, and digital key pad locks to the following locksmith zip codes: 

77598 locksmith, 77573 locksmith. 77539 locksmith, 77546 locksmith, 77089 locksmith, 77059 loksmith,77586 locksmith, 77034 locksmith, 77075 locksmith, 77505 locksmith, 77504 locksmith, 77061 locksmith, 77048 locksmith, 77581 locksmith, 77571 locksmith, and 77586 locksmith!

Master Locksmith Company brings over 30 years of relevant commercial locksmith, residential locksmith, automotive locksmith, and safe locksmith experience to your door and lock problems. Call us today and let us solve all of your lock and safe problems!

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Tuesday, January 09 2018

One recent day I received a call around 1 pm from a desperate contractor. He had been up all the previous day, night and that morning hopelessly waiting for two different locksmiths from the same locksmith company to install two panic exit devices. The first guy had arrived around 3 the previous day and worked until 1 am or so. He abandoned the job and said that his coworker would come over around 7am and finish the job. This guy showed up around 9 and left at noon. Again, failing to complete the job. Now, this contractor was scheduled to have his final inspection done on this Juice Land location that day! He desperately needed a professional commercial locksmith in 77005!

So I show up at 1 pm and found a mess. Lock parts lying all over the place, holes improperly drilled in the doors, entire locks lying on the ground, cheap locks hastily  installed on the doors to keep them closed. ( And these were installed improperly and one piece actually fell off in my hand)! Needless to say, I was under the gun to save this guys reputation and thus, my commercial locksmith reputation was on the line as well!

Here are some photos of what I found upon arriving at this commercial locksmith jobsite in 77005.


These were new locks with the instructions included! Abandoned in deperation. This constractor was propably beguiled by a low estimate given by men who clearly had no idea what they were doing. You have a choice to make every time you need a commercial locksmith. Take your chances on the cheap quote and end up with this type of fiasco, or allow a more expensive but QUALIFIED commercial locksmith to handle your commercial locksmith needs and then rest assured that it gets done!  Master Locksmith Company delivers! Period.

This is the condition that I found the doors in:

(these are sexbolt heads pulling through the door due to improperly drilled holes)

Oops, fell off in my hand! I'm pretty sure that this is not suppossed to look this way! Notice too, the lack of a key cylinder!

What a mess. I am showing all of this so that you, the commercial locksmith client , can understand the peril that is awaiting you! Don't be fooled by cheap prices, unless you want to stay up all night and face the inspector with this mess on your hands. If you do find yourself in this position, don't worry. Master Locksmith can and will help! Check out what a quality commercial locksmith job looks like.

Inside and outside of the back door with stainless steel plates to cover the damage and the proper key cylinder for this type of setup! Yes, there is a difference!

More stainless steel plates to cover the damage done to the doors. Panic device installed with thu bolts. (These are not supplied with all panic device, we carry them on our vans).

Views of the side door with stainless steel plates and solid bar pull handle. Notice the clean, secure strike mount and cover plates. Such a small piece of the whole but these come off all the time! Not when installed by Master Locksmith Company!

Overall this was a very successful job. The contractor got his final done and we got paid... well! So this is how it goes down all the time in the commercial locksmith and the residential locksmith world. Many of the "locksmiths" out there today are newly arrived in the US and they pick up on the rumor of easy money in the locksmith field! They don't know the business nor do they know business. They quote cheap prices and then run amok on your doors!  My ass! Nothing is easy about doing a job well nor is it cheap! These are real pictures and this happens all of the time! Don't allow yourself to be a victim! Only hire qualified locksmiths for your security needs. Why take a chance? Just call Master Locksmith Company and we will see to it that you and yours are safe and secure in a world which is occupied by people who want what you have worked your entire life for. Master Locksmith Company

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Tuesday, January 09 2018

Wow, I can't believe that it's been a year since I last posted here! It's been almost a year since my brother passed away. My grief has waned and I have been working! It was a busy year, 2017. We did many successful commercial locksmith jobs as well as residential locksmith jobs. Clients are embracing more than ever the need for high security locks on their homes and businesses! This is a good thing as there are many angry and broke people out there who love to steal stuff. You must be proactive in order to protect your home or business, and your family, with high security and heavy duty locks. As always, there have been many jobs this year where we had to go fix what an unqualified locksmith broke, installed improperly, or failed altogether to install. This continues to happen and will not abate anytime soon so please do yourself a favor, hire a proffesional locksmith such as Master Locksmith Company to ensure that your locksmith needs are taken care of promptly and with experitice! Well let's get this year off to a great and prosperous start,, shall we!? See ya soon!

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Wednesday, February 01 2017

To all of my dear clients. I'm sorry I've not been answering my phone diligently lately. Tragedy has struck my family. My brother passed away suddenly two weeks ago. He and I were very close and this has been a very trying time for me. I am getting refocused so please feel free to call. I need to get back to work. I think that will help me to get over this. You know, get back to normal and all that. Thank you for your continued support.

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Tuesday, December 13 2016

Start with this:

This electric strike was poorly installed and it, along with the keypad installed with it, was no longer working.

  This strike was an incorrect size and was not cut in to fit flush and tight. This caused the door to close improperly, leading to the eventual destruction of the system.

This is the latch which was locking into the aforementioned strike. It is poorly installed and ugly. In the lock business, ugly usually means poorly done and of short service life.

Tape? Is that tape I see in this photo? Yes it is. This is the mounting stud for the emergency exit paddle. Held together with tape. I promise, I do not stage these photos!


Sometimes it is better to just start over and do things right.
Finish with this:  A new keypad was installed along with a secondary bolt and lock status indicator for additional security. More photos to follow.

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Monday, November 07 2016

a view of Mike's previous Sprinter commercial locksmith van. Building another now.

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Sunday, September 25 2016

Cheap work is workthless. Some customers spend all day calling 20 locksmiths; trying to get the lowest price. I've seen this happen. They call so many companies that they loose track. Well cheap work never lasts. Here is a small example. This little device can cost up to 68.00. Just for the parts,  does not include labor. It requires very precise measurements to install these properly. It is a required component for commercial doors which have a key cylinder on the inside. This is what happens when it is installed improperly.

  This is where it was installed. These hole patterns are nowhere near what are clearly indicated in the installation instructions for this device. Completely wrong. So I ask. Did this customer save any money by being so cheap when this was originally done? Hardly. Their door actually stopped working as a result of that little piece of plastic. You know, I hate to lecture, but I will. It is not worth the headaches, or actual cost, being cheap. If you have the money, pay to have stuff done right. Don't be a cheap person. It is unbecoming and just not very wise. All that happens is something simple turns into a nightmare. Don't be that person. :) 

Need a good commercial locksmith in Houston Texas? Call Master Locksmith Company 713 256 8796. Ask for Mike

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Tuesday, February 09 2016

Exterior view of an exit device which Master Locksmith installed on an oil tool manufacturing facility. The outside lever handle had been broken off due to employees tying it to the rail in order to hold the door open. It was an inferior brand as well, that did not help. 

This is an end view of the inside of the device. Small details such  as the cover plate over the unused lockset mounting hole make it look nice but also serve to keep water out of the door. These doors are notorious for rusting and leaving these holes uncovered makes the problem worse.  A good commercial locksmith in 77016 will have several styles of these on his locksmith van. 

Notice the through bolts above and below the head of  the emergency exit device. It is very important to  use brands of exit device that utilize these or provide them if they  are not included in the hardware. A good Houston Locksmith will have these on hand as well. There is another cover plate installed to cover up the existing holes. That strike for the exit device is to the left. This little piece is very important to the functionn of the device! If it comes off the device won't latch! Seems rather obvious but these always fall off. At Master Locksmith Company we always drill and tap the mounting holes and use machine screws, not those little self drilling things that many use and which always come loose. We installed the same setup  on another door in this facility a few years back and it is still rock solid! 

If you are in need of a commercial locksmith in Houston 77016, call Master Locksmith Company at 770 878 2189 and get fast professional service from the best locksmiths in Houston. 

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Wednesday, January 27 2016


Here is a sample of a commercial locksmith job in Houston 77016. The customer needed to have this door on an oil tool machine shop secured in a manner that was safe, strong, and meets life safety codes. Master Locksmith chose a good quality exit device, paired it with outside trim and cylinders correct for the application. For some reason managers of warehouses and restarants are always complaining about their exit devices not working or falling off the door. This exit device will always work and it will never fall off! It has been installed the right way!


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