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Monday, February 16 2015

When opening your store and opening the door do you have to pull on the door really hard to open it? Remember that loud scraping sound? These conditions are caused by the hinges, or pivots, wearing down. This can be a very dangerous condition for a door. If left to continue the door can actually fall on an unsuspecting customer!

These photos show a set of commercial door pivots in the early stages of deterioration. What will quickly happen is the pivot in photo three will break in two and the door will fall. This can cause more damage to the commercial door and could also hurt someone badly. This opens the issue of negligence and litigation. Again, the costs of doing nothing outweigh the costs of fixing commercial door hardware. This has always been the philosophy of Mike Wilson and Master Locksmith Company. Fix now or pay later.

As you can see, repairing commercial door pivots is no small task for a Houston Locksmith. If you are a Houston Locksmith customer, please choose carefully! Master Locksmith Company has nearly 30 years of commercial locksmith experience, is licensed by the state of Texas, and maintains commercial insurance. A quick search on the web for a Houston Locksmith returns MANY unlicensed and uninsured  "Houston Locksmith" companies! None of these types of locksmith companies provide a good ROE. Return on envestment applies to all aspects of a business, including CODB, costs of doing business, which includes building and site maintenance, and security. 

As can be seen in these photos, the commercial door pivots here are broken and badly deteriorated. I have seen worse but these are bad enough to cause the door to fall at any moment. After installing the new pivots on the commercial door and the counter parts onto and inside the commercial door frame, Master Locksmith reinstalled the door. And forgot to take photos of the rehung door! Opps! Anyway, the door opened and closed perfectly  without scraping on the frame or the threshold. Just like new! This should be the goal of every Houston locksmith! If you are in need of a really good commercial locksmith anywhere in Houston or locksmith in 77063,77057 locksmith, locksmith 77056, 77027 locksmith, 77036 locksmith, 77074 locksmith, locksmith 77081, locksmith 77401, or 77005 locksmith. 

Houston locksmith customers in 77030, 77025, 77096, 77071 are encouraged to call Master Locksmith Company for Houston's most professional commercial locksmith service. 713-878-2189

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